Our tweaks are the culmination of a decade of intensive research and experimentation. We designed the perfect Crystal Formula together with the perfect size and geometry of the tweak. Our new tweaks obliterate the thousands of tweaks we designed in the past, while giving better value for the money. Many of our classic masterpieces cost up to $10,000 which was something not many could afford. But with a new technological advancement we have built something smaller and cheaper for everyone. These tweaks are identical except for different colors on the surface. In the past we sold hundreds of different colors and combinations. For these new tweaks we picked only the most successful colors, the best of the best.

Subjective impressions of Superstar tweaks

These tweaks have incredibly fast, detailed and transparent sound while sounding silky smooth and spacious with greater resolution. The speed and detail has tripled compared to our previous generation which is an impressive feat. You can hear beats in between beats and more information in complex passages. You will notice that tiny details are no longer just single sounds, they are built up from many different individual sounds like the branches of a tree. Previously the high frequency details were just tiny "beeps" and not full grown trees like with the Superstar tweaks. This makes the music more lively and organic, but without sounding dull or grey. The background is pitch black and clean.

Installation and care

You simply place the tweak anywhere on top of the chassis of the audio system. The pyramid points up. The tweak will become dusty over time. If you wish to clean it, gently rinse it under cold tap water and let it dry naturally. Avoid shaking it. Don't bathe it and don't use a towel. When following these procedures your tweak will last a lifetime.

Can you hear a difference?

Many customers report greater improvements from our tweaks than from cables by other brands. However, if you cannot hear a difference from cables or power conditioning, then you probably won't hear a difference from our tweaks either. However, you may still hear the improvements subconsciously, meaning that the music sounds better but you can't really say why. This is because your ears aren't trained yet. There is no such thing as having "golden ears", everyone starts the audiophile hobby as a beginner, and builds up their listening skill from experience. We recommend you try out different brands of audio gear and become an experienced listener, and when you come back to us you will truly appreciate what our tweaks will do to your audio system.

Testimonials (old tweaks)

"It has changed the way I think about how high-end audio should sound."
- Dave Chorney (USA)

"The difference when I put the tweak on the amplifier was very big. It was like a grey veil was removed. There was also larger depth and width in the music, which made it easier to hear deep into the soundstage and hear sounds far back in the mix. It was easier to follow individual instruments, there was more air around each tone and instrument which also made you hear more timbre and over and undertones. Voices became more lifelike. I am very happy with the upgrade!"
- Klas (Sweden)

"What I really liked was that the space has grown significally, music has come from further behind. That impressed me much."
- Peter Szabolcsi (Hungary)

Building times

Each order is handmade in our Swedish factory and the building time is noted on the product page.
These tweaks are shipped via Express Mail/Registered Mail depending on which one is the quickest/safest to your country.