Hall of Fame Crystal Tweaks

After designing more than a thousand tweaks while constantly improving them further over the years, we took audiophile quality to new dimensions. These are probably the best tweaks in the world. Each tweak contains our best Crystal Formulas inside, with different exterior designs to match the preference of the listener.

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Upgrade slowly

We recommend that you upgrade slowly to let your ears adapt to the new sound. After a couple weeks you may want to try a different flavor. For example you might love the improvements from the GLO tweak at first, but after a few of them in your system it starts to sound too silky smooth and laid-back. So your next tweak will be the more forward sounding Rockwood V6 to restore balance to the sound. Eventually you might desire the dark and cozy sound from Black Hole, or the warmth from Volcano. The special thing with our tweaks is that you always take a step up in sound quality with every tweak you add, because each of them increases performance from the Crystal Formula. It is only the exterior shell that gives different flavors of sound because of the resonant properties of the material itself. If you combine all our tweaks together, you won't be able to hear these flavors anymore because they cancel each other out. Instead of flavors you will hear a neutral sound with only the pure performance of the Crystal Formula that is perfectly synergized.

Can you hear a difference?

If you cannot hear a difference from cables or power conditioning, then you probably won't hear a difference from our tweaks either. However, you may still hear the improvements subconsciously, meaning that the music sounds better but you can't really say why. This is because your ears aren't trained yet. There is no such thing as having "golden ears", everyone starts the audiophile hobby as a beginner, and builds up their listening skill from experience. We recommend you try out different brands of audio gear and become an experienced listener, and when you come back to us you will truly appreciate what our tweaks will do to your audio system.


"It has changed the way I think about how high-end audio should sound."
- Dave Chorney (USA)

"The difference when I put the tweak on the amplifier was very big. It was like a grey veil was removed. There was also larger depth and width in the music, which made it easier to hear deep into the soundstage and hear sounds far back in the mix. It was easier to follow individual instruments, there was more air around each tone and instrument which also made you hear more timbre and over and undertones. Voices became more lifelike. I am very happy with the upgrade!"
- Klas (Sweden)

"What I really liked was that the space has grown significally, music has come from further behind. That impressed me much."
- Peter Szabolcsi (Hungary)

Building times

Each order is handmade in our Swedish factory and the building time is noted on the product page.
These tweaks are shipped via Express Mail/Registered Mail depending on which one is the quickest/safest to your country.