Make your audio system a work of art! Artwood combines reference sound quality with a stunning visual appearance! We place our best H2U2 Resonance Filter inside white wood and handpaint the exterior with motifs of your choice.

These Artwood tweaks are placed anywhere on top of your audio system. Each of them has the same overall audio performance but with a different "flavor" depending on what colors are used. Our entry level tweaks are the Basic models which are simple motifs painted with watercolor. For a higher cost we offer the Deluxe model with a high quality image that has been painted with acrylics and varnish for the best visual appearance.

Custom orders

Our artist can paint anything on top of the Artwood tweak for an extra cost depending on the complexity of the image. E-mail us for more information.

Price list (introductory offers)

Basic 3-pack: $39
Deluxe 1 piece: $39-$99

These are calculated based on minimum wage and the price will only increase when the demand gets higher because there is only one artist who can paint these rocks. If you want to get the Artwood tweaks it's recommend that you do so early.

Building times

Each order is handmade in our Swedish factory and usually takes 1-2 weeks per order.
We ship all Artwood using First Class Airmail.

In the list below you will see which motifs you can buy from us. We are constantly updating this page with new motifs so bookmark this page and check back later!